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Rendering Solutions

Aren Rendering Solutions designs, manufactures, and erects complete systems that convert poultry by products, red-meat, and seafood lines into marketable products like Poultry Meal, Feather Meal, Poultry Oil, Blood Meal, Meat and Bone Meal, Tallow, Fish Meal and Fish Oil.

We Provide Complex solutions in simple and effective ways, customizes to client needs and turnkey solutions.

We manufacture state of the art Machinery to run processes and controls that convert animal tissues into Valuable By products.

Our systems recycle material from Poultry, Red meat, and Fish processing Industries.


Our vision is to be a global leader in rendering plant machinery, recognized for our unparalleled expertise, technological advancements, and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Our mission is to design and produce high-quality rendering plant machinery that optimizes the process of converting animal by-products into valuable resources. We are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions that enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and profitability of rendering operations worldwide.


Our aim is to provide efficient equipment, promote sustainability and drive innovation to become the go to choose for Rendering solutions.


Narendhar Reddy Varla

Narendhar Reddy Varla is the founder and Managing Director of Aren Rendering Solutions started with the motto to provide sustainable and economical solutions for the processing of Animal and Poultry by-products into value-added products protein and fat.

He is a mechanical engineering graduate with a decade of experience in the Rendering industry he worked in India, Europe and the Middle East for setting up complete end-to-end Food processing projects.

He has knowledge in the design, manufacturing and process of the rendering plant which helps to provide customized solutions for clients. He is dedicated to providing good quality products and completes projects on time, which achieves client trust and satisfaction.