At AREN, engineering departments handle R&D, machine design, layout, installation, commissioning, and electrical projects. We manufacture and deliver cutting-edge technology solutions.

Customized Solutions

AREN develops and designs customized solutions and machines according to the client's requirements. We offer full poultry, red meat, and fish rendering solutions.

Process Support

AREN-Listens to the customer, understands the requirement, and analyses the necessary procedure of a desired output. We provide support training for process stability, quality control, safety enhancement, and maintenance.

Automation and Control

AREN provides automation solutions with PLC programming, HMI system and control panels to operate the machines with higher efficiency, decreased mistakes, better production, increased safety, and optimized resource utilization. These systems are implemented in modern businesses to achieve higher levels of operational excellence and competitiveness.

About Our Company


Rendering Solutions

Aren Rendering Solutions designs, manufactures, and erects complete systems that convert poultry by products, Red-Meat, and Seafood lines into marketable products like Poultry Meal, Feather Meal, Poultry Oil, Blood Meal, Meat and Bone Meal, Tallow, Fish Meal and Fish Oil.

We Provide Complex solutions in simple and effective ways, customizes to client needs and turnkey solutions.

We manufacture state of the art machinery to run processes and controls that convert animal tissues into valuable By products.

Our systems recycle material from Poultry, Red Meat, and Fish Processing Industries.